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Of All Damned Things (2022):

one - you'v got to hide your love away (Lennon McCartney)WAVMP3
two - O, Captain! My Captain! (W. Whitman, H. Gauche) WAVMP3
three - Answering Machine 1 WAVMP3
four - I'm So Happy I Could Die WAVMP3
five - Fall In, Lovers! WAVMP3
six - Planxty na Gwenhwyfar WAVMP3
seven - Answering Machine 2 WAVMP3
eight - 21st Century Bramble WAVMP3
nine - Answering Machine 3 WAVMP3
ten - Whiskey Rose WAVMP3
eleven - the Vocal Miner traditional (Stone/Grannis) WAVMP3
twelve- Answering Machine 4 WAVMP3
thirteen - the F*lk Song WAVMP3
fourteen- ShitTFaced in LOve WAVMP3
fifteen- Answering Maching 5 WAVMP3
sixyteen- I'm Always Lonely WAVMP3
seventeen- Start Believin' feat. Prophet Pastor Dr. Minister Rev. Paul Huggins WAVMP3
eightteen- Answering Machine 6 WAVMP3
nineteen- Ol' Whatsername WAVMP3
BONUS TRACK- Feud Like The McCockle WAVMP3.

CORONATION HERM (2020) limited edition:
CoronaVirus (On The Bayou) WAVMP3
the F*lk Song WAVMP3

...All Right With Me (2007):

one - DandylionsWAVMP3
two - Careful With That Shovel, Slim! WAVMP3
three - It's A Free CountryWAVMP3
four - River Ford WAVMP3
five - The Ogallala Exit to Lake McConaughey WAVMP3
six - A Granite Heart WAVMP3
seven - Opus OneWAVMP3
eight - Unexpected Co. WAVMP3
nine - Ladybird Blues WAVMP3
ten - Lazy Gentlemen WAVMP3

Herman Gauche Memorial Weekend 2007 on KRFC Radio Ft Collins CO (fixed! thx)

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